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Preparing for your Sessions

Thank you for choosing Bruce Haskell Photography

Bruce Haskell Photography knows how important your portraits are. We're honored and flattered that you have selected our studio to create your images.

  • When should you arrive?

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get here since you don't want to be rushed. Plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled session time so you can get your outfits and props unloaded and situated in the dressing room. We have the utmost respect for all of our clients' time, and do everything possible to start and end on schedule. Being late for your session will only result in a shorter amount of time creating your photographs. If for any reason you anticipate being more than 15 minutes late, please call to reschedule your appointment. Thank you for your consideration!

  • How Do You Get The Pictures You Want?

Your session choice (Studio, Location, Publicity, etc.) helps indicate the kinds of photographic styles you like. You can assist us further with your selections by bringing in pictures from magazines and other sources that appeal to you. Bring them to your session and we will use these ideas as we create your portraits. Also, if you arrive a little early, you'll have a chance to look through our sample books which include endless examples of our work. The more we know about what you want before we start your session, the easier it will be for you to get the kind of pictures you like!

  • What should you wear?

While there are no rules about what to wear, here are a few suggestions to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

*Stick to solids and subtle patterns. Bold stripes and large designs stand out and tend to draw attention from the portrait's subject.

*Variety is important. If one of your outfits is light colored, bring another that is dark. If one is more dressy, bring another that's casual. If one is short-sleeved or sleeveless, bring another that's long-sleeved. Outfit variety helps make your portraits more interesting.

*Coordinate outfits. Everybody in the portrait should wear items that compliment each other in style and color. It is not necessary for all clothes to match, but sometimes with larger groups it's easier if everyone wears the same color. Try to keep similar styles. Grandpa shouldn't wear a suit if Grandma is wearing shorts and a blouse.

*Dress in timeless clothing for your portraits. Styles change so often. You don't want to look back on your portraits 10 years from now and say, I can't believe I used to wear that.

*Wear colors that translate well through photography. Dark colors like navy blue, black and earth tones look especially nice outdoors. White clothing looks great at the beach.

*Clean and iron all clothing before the session. If your clothes wrinkle easily, change just before the sitting. This is important as wrinkles can show up in your portraits and cost extra to retouch out.

*Seniors feel free to bring an outfit that expresses your personality. If you like hats, or scarfs, cowboy boots, bring them. It may not be something your parents like but we can do some poses with and some without.

  • What about hair, make-up, glasses?

*Hair - Schedule a haircut NO SOONER than five days before your session to give it a chance to fill in a bit. Don't try an extremely different haircut or style - your hair should be the way your friends and family are used to seeing it.

*Make-up (Guys too!) - Here's a quick hint that will greatly enhance your portraits; Just before your session, stand three feet in front of the mirror and dab a small amount of concealer on any noticeable blemishes. If they're gone in the mirror, they'll be gone in your photographs! If they do still show don't worry, you'll be amazed with what our retouching artist can do these days.

*Glasses- If you wear glasses most of the time you'll want to wear them in your portraits. To eliminate distracting glare and reflections, ask your optician to arrange to either borrow a pair of empty frames like yours, or have the lenses removed from your own frames. Most optical stores will gladly do this for free if you give them a few days notice. This is the most important way to improve your portraits if you wear glasses. If you choose to wear your glasses the way they are, keep in mind that removing any glass glare from your photographs is done at your expense.

  • How can I look more tanned?

You can look more tanned-just wear a white or off-white outfit. Light or bright colors make your skin appear darker in your portraits. Don't overdo it in the sun or tanning bed just before your session because you do still want to look natural.

  • Can you bring someone with you?

Absolutely! If you feel more comfortable having a friend or family member with you that's fine. If you are having a larger group done, the less extra people the better so that our attention can be completely on your family or group. Dogs are more than welcome, just be sure to let us know ahead of time.

  • Do you need to bring any money?

Since the session fee is prepaid to reserve your appointment time, you do not need to bring any money with you to your session.

  • Can you change a session?

If you change your mind about a session style, it's usually possible to exchange it for another. Because we reserve time for every customer based on their session style, this would have to be done prior to your appointment. So please make sure you've selected the session you want before your actual session date. Keep in mind, some location sessions can only be done at certain times and days. So changing a session style may change your appointment day and/or time.

  • What if it rains?

If you plan to have some outdoor poses, and it looks like rain, NO PROBLEM! Summer and Autumn showers come and go quickly; it might be raining where you are, and it could be sunny here. If it is raining here, we will still take your indoor pictures and can schedule your outdoor portraits for another day.

  • When will the proofs be ready?

Normal delivery time is two to three days. All portrait session proofs can be viewed online or in our studio on our large LCD screen TV with an appointment. Senior session proofs are also provided in a proof book with a $200 deposit which is applied toward your final order.

  • What can you expect at your Session?

1. Expect to have a great time, because you will! It's OK to be a little nervous at first, and you'll soon relax with our easygoing manner and creative photography!

2. Wear one of your outfits to the session to save time.

3. If you are unsure of something or have any questions, please call or ask at your session. We want your portraits to exceed your expectations, so feel free to share any of your concerns.